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Cell Phone Repair

Mike Hall and Randy Elliott

One of our favorite franchises, Cell Phone Repair, has welcomed Randy Elliott as a new multiple unit owner in the Raleigh area.

I met Randy at networking event mid- 2016.  At the time, he was between professional positions and had considered business ownership, but not acted on the idea.  After a few months of assessing available corporate opportunities for senior IT professionals, he decided to explore the entrepreneur route.  I feel very fortunate that he asked me to help him explore different franchise concepts to consider for purchase.

After taking Randy through an assessment, we decided to explore several concepts, but Cell Phone Repair made its way to the top of his list based on its availability, cost and fit for him.  Cell Phone Repair (CPR) is in the business of repairing and refurbishing for resale all types of electronic devices including cell phones, tablets, gaming devices and now even drones.  It also sells ancillary items such as protective covers, cables, etc.  Randy gives several reasons for his selection of CPR…” One, I liked that electronic repair (it isn’t limited to cell phones) should be a recession-proof business.  As long as people own things, they will break them and want them fixed.  Two, I have a background in computers, once working as IT director of a small software company.  And three, this is a business that can be expanded to multiple locations.  If the first couple of stores work out well, I can open more in other areas.  Finally, this is a business I can own and operate as long as I like, with any level of involvement I choose and with the option of a daily presence in the stores to general oversight and all the way to being a completely absent owner.”

Besides having a background as a corporate IT professional, Randy is also a US Naval Veteran having served as a pilot and in numerous leadership positions in operational and training commands.  We always enjoy working with veterans as they have a good handle on people management and implementing systems, processes and procedures… all traits of successful franchise owners.

As of this writing, Randy is now part owner in and existing CPR store and is in the process of building his second one to be owned exclusively by him.  In addition, CPR is adding a fully capable computer repair service to its existing franchises that Randy and other CPR owners will be able to take advantage of.

It is always exciting to see one of our clients make the decision to enter the world of business ownership.  It is an exciting, and somewhat unnerving time in their lives. Fortunately, our process helps clients make an informed and intelligent decision in purchasing their first business.  I appreciate Randy’s comments; “Mike has considerable experience in franchising and understood what I was after, taking into account my likes and dislikes and the things I thought would be important to me as a business owner.  He was also able to provide advice and contacts on related issues such as finding an attorney”.

Thanks Randy for being a client and we are wishing you the best of luck in your new venture.

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