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SIGNworld is a venerable and very successful business opportunity with almost 300 locations throughout the US.  In fact, it was the first concept I ever purchased when starting off on my own.  I am happy to announce that one of our clients, Ed Corpe of Charlotte, purchased and started up a SIGNworld concept late December and is off to a great start.  As this is considered a business concept and not a franchise in the true sense of the word, Ed has named his company SignsID.

This represents a great fit for what Ed was looking for.   “The results of my due diligence process revealed a zealousness among SIGNworld owners like that of the US Marines for the corp.  The all-volunteer participation results in a sincere engagement of people wanting to help and support the family of owners.  Further, the business fits my desire to ‘manufacture’, to make something and to solve problems for customers.  Every phone call is a potential customer asking me for help”.

SIGNworld owners manufacture both outdoor and indoor signs and graphics.  Products vary from vehicle wraps to window graphics to real estate and retail signage and much more.  All manufacturing uses the newest sign production technology, designed to operate with a minimum environmental footprint

I asked Ed to tell me about how start-up and his first two months were progressing.  “Fantastic! Tremendous!   The mountain of work required to be completed in the short firestorm time-period called a start-up is surprising.   In my ex-corporate life, 60- hour work weeks were common.  However, as an entrepreneur, that past pales in comparison.  Not only are resources constrained (budgets or people) but as the owner, you are the only person knowledgeable and qualified to implement or accomplish much of the tasks.   My biggest challenge has been to do all the ‘business’ of the start-up while marketing the company and selling products.   We’ve had the dreaded cycle of sell, sell, sell, receive orders, then produce, produce, produce….then back to sell, sell, sell…… However, things are smoothing now”.

Ed was a terrific client.  He utilized our process and did all the research necessary to make a great decision in deciding on the right business for him.  This from Ed: “Mike shared with me tools to evaluate my personality and compared it to different business models common franchises use.   His own experience in business and corporate life is key to working with me.  The process helped identify the right type of business, ‘making things’ – ‘physical things’ and solving problems.   The result was a couple business choices.  I had investigated a very successful unrelated sign company to purchase in recent months, so I was familiar with the business model when Mike suggested it.   Mike also provided other tools for me to help in due diligence process to evaluate SIGNworld specifically. 

If you or your company have a need for corporate signs, banners, vehicle wraps, ADA signage or for that matter, any type of signs, be sure to get in touch with Ed Corpe at SignsID.

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