How To Build Customer Trust In Your Franchise

Customer trustCan customers trust you and your business? Building and nurturing customer trust is one of the keys to success for any franchise or business. Here are 7 quick tips about how to build customer trust in your business by Denise O’Berry via her video series, “The Little Big Show” which you can see on YouTube here.

  1. Go the extra mile” – under-promise and over-deliver, show customers how reliable you are. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to trust.
  2. Provide spectacular customer service every time.” One way to make sure your franchise or business team is performing as you want them to, is to ask a friend or colleague to “mystery shop” your business and report back to you what he or she observed.
  3. Make sure your front office and back office match,” with employees in both parts of the business telling customers the same thing.
  4. Building Trust In Your Franchise

    Denise O’Berry

  5. Manage customer relationships.” “Return customers cost you the least amount of effort – use that to your advantage.”
  6. Communicate – communicate – communicate” with your customers and your employees. Nurture those relationships with frequent communications using multiple media and contacts, and ask for feedback.
  7. Take responsibility.” Don’t pass the buck. If you personally can’t handle a customer issue, make sure you pass it off gracefully to someone who can.
  8. Meet commitments.” Commitments guarantee that something is going to get done. Manage customer expectations, and make commitments you can keep.

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