Charlotte Area’s First Maid Right™ Franchise Uses New Business Model For Better Home Cleaning

MaidrightI recently had the pleasure of working with Kyle and Tania Price to help them purchase a new Maid Right franchise. Great couple, both possessing a solid corporate background and the skills necessary to grow a business. And, the Maid Right franchise is a growth business – the first maid service business offering the local owner a chance grow the business by bringing in franchise owners under the Maid Right umbrella and allowing them to own and be accountable for growing their own business. Kyle and Tania embody the profile of ideal franchise owners; capable, focused, growth oriented and goal oriented – all attributes needed to build a serious business with upside equity potential.   After only a few months, they have already brought in franchise owners and are rapidly expanding their household customers that need quality cleaning services.

Kyle and Tania Price have opened the Charlotte area’s first Maid Right™ master franchise, a new concept in home cleaning performed by owner-operators instead of employees. Maid Right was launched nationally by a group of investors from a major office cleaning franchise system.

“We are excited to be the first in this area to offer what we feel is a better, more reliable model for home cleaning,” said Kyle Price, a veteran of over 20 years in the supermarket industry. “Instead of hiring employees, who tend to come and go, we award franchises to owner-operators who have a much greater vested interest in the continuing satisfaction of customers. We also provide them with extensive training and central office support.”

Both Kyle and Tania Price were offered severance packages, due to reorganizations by their employers in the food industry, which included non-compete agreements that prevented them from working for a competitor. With the help of an outplacement firm, Kyle Price was encouraged to contact Mike Hall, president of FranNet Carolina, to explore franchise purchase opportunities.

“Mike talked with me at length to understand my interests, did some assessments and recommended several franchises to look at,” Kyle Price said. “Maid Right was the last one he presented, partly because it was so new. But I liked the way it allowed Tania and me to work in a business together and provide for our family including our two boys. My strengths are mainly operations and training, and hers are sales and marketing, and both sets of skills are needed for a successful business.”

Price said he also liked the idea of “helping people start their own cleaning companies as part of our master franchise, and being able to guide them and help them grow. We help our owner-operators price each home cleaning contract fairly, so they have profitable businesses while providing good value to customers. It makes them feel great to own their own small business. We teach them how to be small business owners as well as the cleaning process.”

After starting last winter, the Prices now have six owner-operator teams and hope to add many more quality owners. “This will enable us to create a great brand that customers can rely on,” Price said. “By receiving great service from the same operator every time, customers will know that their home will be taken care of.”

To help ensure quality service and the success of owner-operators, the Prices provide them with 20-25 hours of training. “No one else is spending that amount of time training people,” Price said. “When you clean a home, it’s their personal possession, and it’s important to know what’s particularly important to each customer. For example for one it may be the kitchen, and for another the bathrooms.”

Price credits FranNet Carolina’s Mike Hall for “getting to know me and my wife, what we like and have a passion for, before making any recommendations. We learned that most folks who own master franchises were executives in their former career, and have similar experiences in the franchise world, so we can learn from and support each other. Mike also helped us understand the language of the franchisors so we could make the best decision.

“Since we started our business, he has followed up with us to be sure things are going well. He’s even taken us out to lunch – he’s been a great support,” Price added.

Price says, “Our business is growing at the pace we need. We’re enjoying it and learning a lot. Some of our owner-operators have cleaning experience, so they’ve actually taught us some things, as we’ve taught them about running a successful business.”

Kyle Price holds a degree in Business Administration from Catawba College in Salisbury. His past experience includes 20 years in the supermarket business, in operations, merchandising, marketing, and procurement. He enjoys people development and building a team culture.

Tania New-Price holds a Business Administration and Marketing degree from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. She has over 17 years of sales and management experience working in the consumer products industry.

For more information, visit MaidRightCharlotte.com or call 704-879-2176.

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