Building a Business that is Community Oriented

Every year of my past 21 years of interviewing potential business owners I often get ask Happy business people standingquestions about how to start up an insurance business. Or a candidate would tell me that they looked at a big brand name insurance company and wondered what I thought about the business.

Until recently, I never worked with insurance companies and didn’t have much information for my clients. But, I could understand what potential business owners saw in them. To start an insurance agency that sells, among other things, property and casualty products, is to start a business that requires community involvement in a big way. Insurance agencies are built by getting to know their neighbors, other business owners, chamber members and church members and building many referral partners that are happy to refer business. As many of my clients are mid to senior level executives and have only worked for one or two large corporations in their business lives, they see the idea of being involved in a business that builds from local resources as something far different than what they have done in the past and that they have a great interest in. In addition, the thought of owning a business that has weekday hours, few employees, no travel requirements, residual income and a high customer retention rate is appealing.   Insurance companies are also about providing a service that actually helps individuals and business owners, another appealing trait.

Our company is now working with a very fast growing independent insurance agency that is targeting the Carolinas for growth. With over 100 locations nationwide, a large and supportive corporate staff the ability to represent many great insurance companies and an affordable franchise business model, they will appeal to many of our clients.

During our next Franchise Forum on April 2nd here in Charlotte, we will feature this company. In addition, we will discuss other concepts in the franchise industry looking to expand within the Carolinas. We will also bring in some local resources, consulting and legal, to round out the presentation menu. To learn more and to join us, click here https://carolinafranchiseforum2015.eventbrite.com

Mike Hall

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