A Total Commitment to Business Ownership

So, you have a good position at one of the premier banks in the country, but, the banking world no longer feels right as a long-term career choice.  You have been considering running your own business for some time.   After some serious research, you found a business to buy and are a few days away from signing on the dotted line and leaping into business ownership, feet first.  Unexpectedly, your Manager pays you a visit and offers you a two-position promotion. AND YOU BUY THE BUSINESS ANYWAY!Mattkinserblog2

That is called………….

“A total commitment to business ownership”

Say Hello to Matt Kinser, the new owner of Allegra Marketing•Print•Mail in Charlotte NC.

Allegra is a Marketing•Print•Mail franchise that provides marketing and print communication services including print, signs, mail services, graphic and web design, e-marketing campaigns, display and related marketing services to small and medium sized businesses and organizations. Matt put together a deal that required him to purchase an existing sign company and a printing company and merge them together under the Allegra Franchise name.  He took over business operations in May and is now in the process of adding to his customer base and preparing his operation, located in Charlotte’s South end, for an increase in volume and employees.  Matt looks to increase sales some 30 % by the end of the year and 100% by the end of next year.

Matt evaluated several franchise concepts during his research.  Why choose Allegra? 

 I chose Allegra Franchise for a couple reasons.  I liked the local capabilities at the shop I purchased (print, mailers, wide-format, signs, banners, apparel, etc.) and I knew that Allegra would allow me to build on that to provide additional services like marketing planning, website development, graphics and more.  Allegra gives me an opportunity to help grow other companies in a multitude of ways.


I asked Matt to talk about his first couple of months in business and what the transition has been like.


 Start-up elicits a full range of emotions.  Like anyone embarking on such a career change, I have stress and fear.  I’m learning a lot.  But – ultimately – I am excited.  I am excited about the opportunity to work with my team, our customers and the franchise to build something new.


Matt was a pleasure to work with as a client.  He utilized our process and did all the research necessary to make a great decision about the right business for him.

 Mike was great from day 1.  He worked hard (and patiently) to understand what we were looking for.  He brought us a range of viable options.  And, he gave us advise.  He adjusted as we adjusted.  He never sold business ownership as the end all – but he sold it as hard work.  I’m grateful we were able to work with him.


Thanks to Matt for being such a great client!  His experience in building and leading teams and his customer driven focus make him a great fit for this exciting business that provides marketing services for their clients.  We expect great things from him.

If your company requires expert color printing, signs and other marketing services, be sure to give Matt a call.



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