A Sign of Good Things to Come

SIGNworld is a venerable and successful business opportunity with almost 300 locations throughout the US.  We consider it to be one of the best business opportunity concepts we represent.

I am happy to announce that one of our clients, Kevin Kitts of Raleigh, NC has purchased and started up a SIGNworld business.  His formal grand opening was held in September although he was open for business several months before that.   As this is considered a business opportunity and not a franchise in the true sense of the word, Kevin has named his company ENGAGING Signs and Graphics.  Prior to opening his business, Kevin served eight years as a military officer and 22 years in corporate America where he finished his tenure as a corporate officer.

This business concept represents a great fit for what Kevin was looking for.  “I actually chose the SIGNworld model because it eliminated the royalties and centralized control that the other franchise based business models typically require.   This open structure is arguably riskier and less foolproof than most of the franchise models I considered, but in the long run I expect the autonomy and unbridled growth opportunity it offers to be a better fit for me personally than any of the other alternatives I considered, given my motivation, interests, and business goals.”

kevin kittsI asked Kevin to tell me about how start-up and his first two months were progressing.  “Each day is both different and daunting; typical work days clock in at 14-16 hours.  There is no way to do everything I should/need to do so prioritization is essential.  Each day I am continually immersed in previously un-encountered business and customer challenges.  While facing these challenges, I am surrounded by a supportive community of experts in the sign industry ready to offer counsel and help at every turn, just for the asking.   This is a dream come true for a problem solver and customer oriented businessman.  I wake early every morning with extremely high energy ready to face the day’s challenges because there is no one holding me back.  It is absolutely the most fun I’ve experienced at work in my entire life.”

Kevin was a great client to work with.  He utilized our process and did all the research necessary to make a great decision about the right business for him.  This from Kevin:  “FranNet’s personality profile and evaluation process was extremely helpful and informative in clarifying and reinforcing my personal observations and intuitions relative to my goals and business inclinations.  FranNet helped me identify and evaluate the types of business opportunities available and introduced me to leaders at several companies to aid my understanding of their business models and evaluate the operational and financial characteristics.  My FranNet consultant, Mike Hall, shared his insight regarding the benefits of business ownership that I never knew existed.  He also listened to me intently and provided both affirmation and counterpoints during our discussions to ensure I was thoroughly evaluating all the business opportunities and their relative merits in the context of my goals and objectives.  I never felt pressured or manipulated during the process.” 

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